The exhibition Meteorite, from sky to earth, offers to discover a selection of artworks dedicated to meteorites. Throughout the exhibition, you will discover ten works by eight artists

Other Stones, Other visions

The artists offer another perspective on meteorites. They incite reverie and provide a meditative pause. The diverse and singular paintings, photographs and sculptures that are exhibited explore the feeling of awe provoked by these foreign stones. They renew their mystery.

Exhibited artists

  • Evariste Richer
  • Laurent Grasso
  • Alexandra Roussopoulos
  • Judith Espinas
  • Martin Mc Nulty
  • Pratchaya Phinthong
  • Simon Boudvin
  • Vera Pagava


Evariste Richer (1969)
Le Météore, 2016
Ink jet print on fine art Baryte paper, 31 x 23 cm
Evariste Richer likes to arouse surprise and trouble by revisiting the codes of science. Le Météore is a photographic work that subtly accounts for the sudden and mysterious irruption of meteorites into our world.

 Le Météore, 2016 - Evariste Richer (1969)
Le Météore, 2016 - Evariste Richer (1969) © Evariste Richer


Judith Espinas (1985) and Alexandra Roussopoulos (1969)
Aérolithes, 2013
Plaster, pigments, 10 x 10 x 20 and 5 x 5 x 20 cm
The co-elaborative work by Judith Espinas and Alexandra Roussopoulos, which began in 2014, explores matter, form and colour through the encounter of two artistic worlds.
The installation Aérolithes plays with idea of gravity and imagines meteorites as pure, essential forms.

Judith Espinas (1985) et Alexandra Roussopoulos (1969) Aérolithes, 2013
Judith Espinas (1985) et Alexandra Roussopoulos (1969) Aérolithes, 2013 © Judith Espinas et Alexandra Roussopoulos


Martin Mc Nulty (1966)
Meteorites shower, 2014
Mixed media, variable dimensions
Martin Mc Nulty’s sculpture work revolves around the idea of fragmentation and accumulation. His installation assembles singular, colourful objects that cause one to wonder whether they could be actual celestial stones.

Martin Mc Nulty (1966) Meteorites shower, 2014
Martin Mc Nulty (1966) Meteorites shower, 2014 © JC Domenech - MNHN


Vera Pagava (1907-1988)
Pierre de Lune, 1970
Oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm
Embracing the 20th century, the work of Vera Pagava explores the imaginary contours of our world in a sensitive, abstract way. With only a few planes of colour, the painting Pierre de Lune succeeds in recreating the otherworldliness of the moon and its magical stones.

Vera Pagava (1907-1988) Pierre de Lune, 1970
Vera Pagava (1907-1988) Pierre de Lune, 1970 © Association culturelle Vera Pagava - AC/VP