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Rocks fallen from the sky, meteorites are an unsettling source of fascination. Revered for thousands of years, it is not until the 19th century that they began to be approached as scientific objects in their own right. They provide invaluable information and have remained an ongoing source of inspiration and emotion.

With an interactive and sensitive approach, the exhibitions offers an immersive journey that is punctuated by great, spectacular screenings. It reveals more than 350 meteorites from the Muséum collection, in a poetic, artistic and contemporary atmosphere.

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Application MeteorQuest


Go on virtual meteor hunting in the Jardin des Plantes and all over Paris! Playful and didactic, this game highlights the content of the exhibition Meteorites, between heaven and earth while combining new technologies, augmented reality and desire for discoveries.

Available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Application MeteorQuest
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